Thursday, December 24, 2009

Asterix quiz (flash)

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This is a flash quiz organised by should participate in dont have to post your answer as comment now.But you can post you veiws on the new style of mykochi quizingggggggggg!

Ansers to Goggle doodle quiz 1

1)Louis Braille's Birthday
2)Piccaso's Birthday
3)Michelangalo's Birthday
4)Cricket World Cup 2007
5)Australia Day
6)FIFA World Cup 2006
7)Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday
8)St.Patrick's Day
9)Earth Day
10)Valantines Day

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Google doodle Quiz 1

           You have to identify what the doodle is depicting             











Answers to Question Challenge 5

4) Apron

Wishing All of you a merry christmas

Friday, December 18, 2009

Question Challenge 5

1)Which is the sport which has more Match officials in it than the no of players?
2)Which companies tagline is"A Beter way forward"?
3)First Hydro Electric Station in India?
4)In a teathre what is the name given to the part of the stage in front of the Curtain?

              (sorry for the lack of questions guys,Exams are going on)

Answers to anagramomania

1) Clive Staples Lewis
2) Dennice the Mennece
3) Indian Idol
4) Om Shanti Om
5) Shashi Tharoor
6) Lalit Modi
7) Santa Claus
8) Optimus Prime(transformers)
9) Global Warming
10) India Today(magasine)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


1)  I Live we Tale C S S S L P
2)  D Nice Men Teace Hen
3)  An I Old In Id
4)  Mom A Honti
5)  Hi Has To Shor Ra
6)  I Do Mall It
7)  Cant U Salsa
8)  I Must I P I More
9)  Go Arm Wing Ball
10) Do Any Datii

Answers To Online Quiz

2)Grand Father Frost
3)Only Indian to represent the 1998 WInter Olympics
4)All pancakes of their respective countries(France,Italy,India)
6)Panch Mahal
7)Edward Smith

Congratulations to Nandu Ashok the winner of the Super Seven Quest Online Quiz

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Super Seven Quest (Online Quiz)

1)What does Mowgli mean in fox Language?
2)How do people of Russia know St.Nicholas?
3)What is so special about the person Shiva Keshavan?
4)Connect crepe,cannelloni,and Dosa?
5)Mascot of 1998 FIFA world cup?

6)Which monument is called 'dream of stone'?
7)Captin of Titanic?
Rules and Regulations
This is just like a quiz.Attempt all questions.The winner will be the person with most number of correct    answers.The winners name will be posted in the blog.So Answer fast                                                    

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Connect quiz 1

1)Connnect 'Coffee',A software,A coffe shop?
2)Connect Raja,Rocket Shakthi and Super?
3)Connect  James Bond and Russia(think codes)?
4)Connect the brands Feaster,Ultratech ,Hindalco?
5)Connect the movies transformer and Independence Day?

Answers to Question Challenge 4

3)Industrial Credit and Investemental Corporation of India
4)S N  Bose
5)Steven Speilsberg(spelling may not be corect)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Question Challenge 4

1)What does a phrenologist collect(think horror)?
2)First country to grow Coffee
3)Expand ICICI.
4)Who transelated Einstiens Theory of Relativity into english?
5)Owner of Dreamworks SFK?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Young World Cochin rgionals

The Cochin regionals of the YoungWorld Quiz was over today
3rd-BVM EROOR(my school)Sachin S and Abijith Menon

Lots of exiting goodies like the penguin yearbook and Britanica were given as audience prizesThe winners got a lot of Goddies and a trophy.
though I didnt get any

Answers for Questions by Nandu Ashok


2).It is Adis Ababa the Ethiopian capital.

3).Goerge Fernandes of BJP in 1999

4).It is Greece

Friday, October 16, 2009

Questions By Nandu Ashok

1).Which is the first month of the Islamic calender?
2).Where is the headquarters of African union located?
3).Who was India's defence minister during the time of Kargil War?.
4).if you are a philatelist and you have a stamp written "hellas" written on it,to which country Would you add your list?.

Answers to Question Chalenge 1

1)The Grand Trunk Road
2)Nicholas Cage
3)Food(to avoid food poisoning)
4)Ranbir Kapoor and Imran Khan
5)Aqua Regia

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Enquire results

Member 1Member 2Tally
1Abhijeet BalakrishnanSachin S Iyer342
2Athul Chacko PhilipRavikrishnan Rajeev310
3M AshwathRushabh Menon308
4Nakul HaridasMayug M M230
5K R GopikrishnaKarthik Prasad226
6Avinash PaiFiroz Khan209
7Arjun R MenonAditya Unikrishnan177
8Mohammed Ziyad R VNithin K S162
9Aditya PulacherryGovind Ashokkumar157
10Ramakrishnan M NShivashankar Ranjit147
10Aditya P PatilVasudev Chakravarti147
12Manish MenonArjun Prasannan145
13Mohammed Sohail NijasNandu Ashok P S140
14Srinivas T SAshok Thomas George119
15Rahul VarmaNevil C Philip112
16Abhijith MenonSachin S105
16Noel AntoVishal K105
19Arshad MuhammedElizabeth Kurian90
20Sharanya MenonArya Krishna R77
20Jayadev PradeepAshwin R77
20Karthik Ganapathy VSuman Mahesh77
23Achyuth JNaveen Babu70
24Vishnu J MenonMuhammed Aslam E M63
24Harikrishnan VSethuram G63
26Safeer BawaGanesh Gopal56
27Divij SantoshRavishankar R49
28Arjun SatishJayaram S42
28Rouzif RasheedSherouq Sherif42
30Balasubramanyam PNeeraj Murali35
31Abhimanyu VVishnu Prakash28
31Aadhil KhanAlan Khan28
31Amogh Jayaraj Rau28
31Yusuf AliShahzad Ali28
31Ashim SVishnu M28
31Arjun JayagopalJayakrishnan S28
37Rouzif RasheedShahzad Ali21
37Krishnanunni RAdarsh K S21
37Krishnaprasad NAnushree Jai21
40Maria ThereseAjoy Roy14
40Bharat Raj KAbhishek P Kumar14
40Sherooq SheriefYusuf Ali14
40Vishnu VijayanGovind Pradeep14
44Jose MartinGopi Krishnan7
44Joel K JoseRajiv7
44Vishnu K.SAshwin Bharat7
44Roshan BabuRohit Jacob Jose7
44Jenin Juby VargheseAdith Varghese George7
44George BijuFrancis Paul7
44Vishnu SVishnu T B7
44Ashwin GunadeepAshwathy Gunadeep7
44Akshay BKaran D Zavery7
44Vivek RamachandranAditya R7
44NithinVivek C7
44Rahul Dilip7
56Abhimanyu S KamathSaran Sivaraman0
56Nikhil Alex VargheseRoshan Ansari0
56Neeraj Murali0
56Nandakrishnan H0
56Abhishek P KumarShihail Jinna0
56Gopika M NairKavya V0

1Bhavans Adarsha Vidyalaya1189
2Harisri Vidyanidhi979
4Bhavans Vidyamandir Eroor474
5Bhavans Vidyamandir Elamakkara336
6Bhavans Varuna Vidyalaya224
7Al Ameen Public School168
10Bhavans Vidyamandir Girinagar0

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Question Challenge 3

1)What did Rudyard Kipling describe in Kim as 'the back bone of all hind'
2)Actor in National Treasure ?
3)Two different things a pilot in a same plane should have?
4)Youngest hosts for the filmfare award?
5)According to guinnes world record,best Quiz in India

Answers for question Challenge 2

2)HMS Hermes
4)Intergrated Electronics

Friday, October 9, 2009

Question Challenge 2

2)Old name of INS Viraat?
3)How do we beter know Intergrated Electronics?
4)Expand Intel?
5)Indias National Water Mammal?

Present News

2009 Nobel prize Announced
Physics-Charles Kao,William Boyle,George Smith

Medicine-Elizebeth Blackburn,Carol W Greeder,Jack W Szostak

Chemistry-Venkatraman Ramakrishnan(Indian),Thomas A Steitz,Ada E Yonath

Literature-Herta Mueller

Peace-Barac Obama

Man Booker Prize 2009-Hilary Mantel for Wolf Hall

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Test your IQ Quiz

1)Which is the only day to be named after a planet in english?

2)How many months are there in a century?

3)How many feathers are there in a shuttle cock?

4)How many squares are there in a chessboard?

5)Tallest breed of dogs is_______?

6)Which fruit is called love apple?

7)Name Indias first Engineering college?

(pls do try to ans every ques)

Answers to Question Challenge 1

Cause no one is posting the answers I am posting the answers

Answers to Quiz challenge 1

I)Consumer Protection Act

II)National Airport Authority




Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Young World Prelims

Young World Quiz Kochi prelims on 27thOct,2009 at AJ hall Kadavanthra
                                                                                                                    See You all there
Everyone pls take the Questions Challenge 1

Questions Challenge 1

I)Expand COPRA?
II)Expand NAA?
III)Razm-Namah is a persian translation of which Indian Epic?-Mahabaratha(answer told by Sachin)
IV)Which city in Rajasthan is famous for its Blue Pottery?
V) Who is partnering with Leander Paes in Davis Cup?

(pls answer all questions by commenting)

Monday, September 21, 2009

time for a isro dateline quiz

1)in which year was Bhaskara 1 launched?

2)when was kalpana 1 launched?

3)which and when was the first insat launched

What is the middle name of Enid Blyton

what is the name of enid blytons mother?

pls open every comments cause questions are there everywhere

ask questions as comments

site will be upgraded

the site will be upgraded.until then pls send your comments with a google account.but keep questioning

hi welcome to my

This being the first blog welcome to my a site in which you can post questions and post the anawers aday or two.