Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Young World Prelims

Young World Quiz Kochi prelims on 27thOct,2009 at AJ hall Kadavanthra
                                                                                                                    See You all there
Everyone pls take the Questions Challenge 1

Questions Challenge 1

I)Expand COPRA?
II)Expand NAA?
III)Razm-Namah is a persian translation of which Indian Epic?-Mahabaratha(answer told by Sachin)
IV)Which city in Rajasthan is famous for its Blue Pottery?
V) Who is partnering with Leander Paes in Davis Cup?

(pls answer all questions by commenting)

Monday, September 21, 2009

time for a isro dateline quiz

1)in which year was Bhaskara 1 launched?

2)when was kalpana 1 launched?

3)which and when was the first insat launched

What is the middle name of Enid Blyton

what is the name of enid blytons mother?

pls open every comments cause questions are there everywhere

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site will be upgraded

the site will be upgraded.until then pls send your comments with a google account.but keep questioning

hi welcome to my kochi.com

This being the first blog welcome to my kochi.com.this a site in which you can post questions and post the anawers aday or two.