Sunday, October 11, 2009

Question Challenge 3

1)What did Rudyard Kipling describe in Kim as 'the back bone of all hind'
2)Actor in National Treasure ?
3)Two different things a pilot in a same plane should have?
4)Youngest hosts for the filmfare award?
5)According to guinnes world record,best Quiz in India


Philly said...

Second one is Nicholas Cage

mykochii said...

You r right

Nandu said...

Hi Nevil its too tough man,give some simple ones.ok I have some here not only for you but for everyone.ok everyone please try we go:-
1).Which is the first month of the Islamic calender?
2).Where is the headquarters of African union located?
3).Who was India's defence minister during the time of Kargil War?.
4).if you are a philatelist and you have a stamp written "hellas" written on it,to which country Would you add your list?.
OK everyone hurry up,answer fast!

Nevil.C.Philip said...

it is not so tough
it is like enquire
answers are so simple exept 1

Nandu said...

OK,then give answers to my questions.