Saturday, November 28, 2009

Super Seven Quest (Online Quiz)

1)What does Mowgli mean in fox Language?
2)How do people of Russia know St.Nicholas?
3)What is so special about the person Shiva Keshavan?
4)Connect crepe,cannelloni,and Dosa?
5)Mascot of 1998 FIFA world cup?

6)Which monument is called 'dream of stone'?
7)Captin of Titanic?
Rules and Regulations
This is just like a quiz.Attempt all questions.The winner will be the person with most number of correct    answers.The winners name will be posted in the blog.So Answer fast                                                    

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Connect quiz 1

1)Connnect 'Coffee',A software,A coffe shop?
2)Connect Raja,Rocket Shakthi and Super?
3)Connect  James Bond and Russia(think codes)?
4)Connect the brands Feaster,Ultratech ,Hindalco?
5)Connect the movies transformer and Independence Day?

Answers to Question Challenge 4

3)Industrial Credit and Investemental Corporation of India
4)S N  Bose
5)Steven Speilsberg(spelling may not be corect)