Thursday, December 24, 2009

Asterix quiz (flash)

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This is a flash quiz organised by should participate in dont have to post your answer as comment now.But you can post you veiws on the new style of mykochi quizingggggggggg!

Ansers to Goggle doodle quiz 1

1)Louis Braille's Birthday
2)Piccaso's Birthday
3)Michelangalo's Birthday
4)Cricket World Cup 2007
5)Australia Day
6)FIFA World Cup 2006
7)Leonardo Da Vinci's Birthday
8)St.Patrick's Day
9)Earth Day
10)Valantines Day

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Google doodle Quiz 1

           You have to identify what the doodle is depicting             











Answers to Question Challenge 5

4) Apron

Wishing All of you a merry christmas

Friday, December 18, 2009

Question Challenge 5

1)Which is the sport which has more Match officials in it than the no of players?
2)Which companies tagline is"A Beter way forward"?
3)First Hydro Electric Station in India?
4)In a teathre what is the name given to the part of the stage in front of the Curtain?

              (sorry for the lack of questions guys,Exams are going on)

Answers to anagramomania

1) Clive Staples Lewis
2) Dennice the Mennece
3) Indian Idol
4) Om Shanti Om
5) Shashi Tharoor
6) Lalit Modi
7) Santa Claus
8) Optimus Prime(transformers)
9) Global Warming
10) India Today(magasine)

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


1)  I Live we Tale C S S S L P
2)  D Nice Men Teace Hen
3)  An I Old In Id
4)  Mom A Honti
5)  Hi Has To Shor Ra
6)  I Do Mall It
7)  Cant U Salsa
8)  I Must I P I More
9)  Go Arm Wing Ball
10) Do Any Datii

Answers To Online Quiz

2)Grand Father Frost
3)Only Indian to represent the 1998 WInter Olympics
4)All pancakes of their respective countries(France,Italy,India)
6)Panch Mahal
7)Edward Smith

Congratulations to Nandu Ashok the winner of the Super Seven Quest Online Quiz