Friday, December 18, 2009

Question Challenge 5

1)Which is the sport which has more Match officials in it than the no of players?
2)Which companies tagline is"A Beter way forward"?
3)First Hydro Electric Station in India?
4)In a teathre what is the name given to the part of the stage in front of the Curtain?

              (sorry for the lack of questions guys,Exams are going on)


Nithin Santhosh said...

Is the first one tennis...
2 michellin

Sachin S said...

sorry ..I posted the comment first...accidently I posted in tat account

Nevil.C.Philip said...

So you hacked into your brothers account he!
by the way ask your brother to come to the blog
Your answeris correct

Nandu said...

Hi,Nevil!.how was your examinations?.anyway mine was fine and here is the answers-
2).Michelin Tyres
3).Damodar River valley project.
4).Down Stage.
And Nevil,
Happy Holydays.