Sunday, March 21, 2010

Team Bidding

MPL Schedule

This is the schedule of MPL.I have put day nos instead of dates because we dont know the exact day of Kick of.


Day 1:

Match 1: Sebastin vs Sachin

Match 2:Nandu vs Mathew

Day 2:

Match 3: Nevil vs Abhinav

Match 4: Rishwin vs Sohail

Match 5: Nandu vs Arjun

Day 3:

Match 6: Sebastin vs Mathew

Day 4:

Match 7:Nandu vs Sohail

Match 8:Rishwin vs Abhinav

Match 9: Sachin vs Arjun

Day 5:

Match 10:Nevil vs Sebastin

Match 11: Arjun vs Mathew

Day 6:

Match 12: Rishwin vs Nevil

Match 13: Sohail vs Abhinav

Match 14: Sachin vs Nandu

Day 7:

Match 15:Abhinav vs Arjun

Match 16: Sebastin vs Sohail

Match 17: Rishwin vs Mathew

Match 18: Nevil vs Sachin

Day 8:


Day 9:

MAtch 19:Nandu vs Sebastin

MAtch 20: Sachin vs Sohail

Match 21: Mathew vs Nevil

Day 10:

Match22: Arjun vs Rishwin

Day 11:

Match 23: Sachin vs Mathew

Match 24: Nevil vs NAndu

Day 12:

MAtch 25: Rishwin vs Sebastin

Match 26: Sohail vs Arjun

Day 13:

Match 27:Abhinav vs Sebastin

MAtch 28: Sohail vs NEvil

Day 14:

Meach 29: Abhinav vs MAthew

Match 30: Sachin vs Rishwin

MAtch 31: Nandu vs Abhinav

Day 15:

MAtch 32: Arjun vs Sebastin

Match 33: Abhinav vs Sachin

Match 34: Sohail vs MAthew

Day 16:

Match 35: Rishwin vs Nandu

Match 36: NEvil vs Arjun

Day 17:


DAy 18:

Semifinal 1

Semifinal 2

Day 19: Loosers Final

Day 20:

Hey everyone,now there are 16 new MPL  teams available for bidding.I remove the IPL teams because this is MPL and we need MPL names.So select your team because the bidding has started!


 1)Girinagar Rajas

2)Cochin Warriors

3)Eroor Rockers

4)Travancore Tuskers

5)Munnar Monsters


6)Angamally   Dragons

7)Malabar Roosters

8)Elamkulam Lions

9)Thripunitura Tigers

10)Mattanchery Madmen

11)Allapuzha Surfers

12)Salem Smashers

13)Ethiopian Eagles

14)Arctic Avengers

15)Kadavanthra Kats

16)Somalian Pirates



You can select your team by posting a comment with your name  and teams name.If more than two bid is there for one team,there will be a auction.This auction is going to be a quiz.There will be set of questions and the participants who want the perticular team name can answer it.The participant which gets more no of correct answers will get that name.So the other participant will have to select a different team.

But the Bid will be open only till April 2ndweek.

More info on MPL will be given soon.You may give your comments on this and comments to improve MPL.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Hy everyone you may have all seen the MPL page and may have checked it out.Now here are some points before the Kick off.

*The official kick off MPL will be on the second week of april.
*All should comfirm your entry by the last week of march(it will be accepted till 31rst)But if you alredy given your names but couulgnt confirm it you can do it by the first week of april
*You should be very frequent in the blog.

The full detail on MPL will put up as soon as we get approx no of teams particpating.The teams list,Scheduleetc will be put up soon.The schedule includes your opponents etc.

Now you must try to tell all your quizzing freinds as soon as possible and make this a grnd succes so that we can conduct this every vacation.So dont forget these pointss andd keep visisting the blog.