Friday, May 28, 2010

MPL Grand Final

The final is here atlast.The rules are simple.Check the questions and send your answers to .Pls do not search in the net to make this a fair final.If you have anymore doubts just ask as a comment.Also that now only the teams registered are there in the list.But new entries will be welcome anyone can participate in the final.So wishing you all the very best and let the best man win.

1)Solve the anagram " LAB PREP TEST ".
2)Which Automobile industry has the tageline "Touch the perfection"?
3)Who was the first player to score a hatrick in football world cup?*
4)What is this Google Doodle Representing?

5)If X made a website of his own with the extension code .ao ,what will be X's nationality?
6)What is this Amul hitz representing?

7)What is so special about the thing in the photo?*
8)Which place is known as the key of the Mediterranean?
9)Connect bulbul,gonu,nisha,baaz,fannos,phet,onil,sagar.............................(this list contains much more names)(think something present).*

10)Now here's a big connect.Some google doodles will be must tell what it connects into.*

Please note that you only have one chance to attempt.
Please do check the closing ceremony post which is under this.

Click here to veiw the MPL 2010 vedeo

MPL Closing Ceremony

           Quiz and masti
               Inspiring quizing minds
Welcomes you to the closing ceremony of Mykochi Premier league season 1 which will be followed by the grand final.

 MPL 1 didn't turn out to be as successful as we thought, because many participants who had confirmed their entries couldn't come for the league matches because of their tight vacation schedule.But to compensate this we are conducting a grand final in which anyone can participate(even new participants).Abhijith Menon aand Gokul suresh as already gave their request for their participation in the final.

I would like to congratulate Sachin S of Somalian Pirates ,Abhinav S of Eroor Rockers and Rishwin who had participate in all their league matches.I would also like to thank Sebastian Chettan who participated in at least one match despite in his busy time as administrator of Hertiage.

For those who are new to the blog,even after  the MPL we have many quizzes in which our regular contestants (Nandu Ashok and Sachin S)participate.Even you can participate in it.

Even though our ex-director Nandu Ashok was suspended in the middle of the league,We are planing to take him back after reading his excuse report.

Even though this MPL was a flop we are planning to conduct MPL in a large scale during Summer vacations and a mini MPL during every holidays and so guys rember

                                       picture abhi bhi bakhi he meri dost!!!!!!!!!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The grand MPL Final is here atlast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To all of your relief the MPL final is here at last.But with a little changed from the original rules.

I am planning to conduct MPL final some days now before the school reopens.In the final I will be putting some questions(most probably 10),and you guys,anyone who has registered for MPL can participate in it.And the one with most no of correct answers will be crowned as the,      

He and his team will go down to history as the champion of the maiden MPL championship.His name will be  there in the MPL hall of fame.He will also be given special prizes in the MPL awards.

As for the league matches anyone can post the answers as comments.The correct answers for every match will be given after some time.

Also to inform you that I wont be participate in the final because of the new format.

And very important 'My decision  will be final.' 

So gear up for the final and try to inform everyone there in MPL who you can.

Why isnt MPL finishing?????????????????????

All our asking me the question why the MPL is not over yet.

But what can i do.

Any I am with some plans to conduct grand final for MPL sometime now.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 18

                               Match 35
Rishwin    VS      Nandu

1)Solve the anagram "Bed Reek I ron"
2)Which Clothing brand has the tagline "The jeans that Build America"?
3)According to Zoologists which is the only natural predator to the Polar bears?
4)What is this Google Doodle representing?

5)Where does a CowBird build its nest?

                                                                         Last match of the season
                                    Match    36

Waiting for Someone to put the questions

And thus the Leaue matches of MPL season 1 is over and the semi finals will start only when all the matches are over(atleast 5 people finishing their all matches).So till then we will have to wait.The catogeries for the MPL awards will be announced soon.

Day 17

                         Match 32


1)What is a camel's brush hair made of?
2)Solve the anagaram "Bond Wrong or"
3)What is this Google Doodle representing?

4)Which Bank has the tagline Indias Internationl Bank?
5)What was the old name for Cape of Good Hope?
                          Match 33
1)Who faced the first ball in international test match?
2)Which acto played the role of Shekhar Sachdev in the film Khakee?
3)What is this Google Doodle representing?

4)Solve the anagram"Bad ha deck vim"
5)Which company has the tagline "The edge is effeciency
                       Match 34

1)Solve the anagram "Aid Ill Tom"
2)Which company has the tagline the power on your side?
3)What is this Google Doodle Representing?

4) Which is the most common domesticated bird?
5)  To a Bharatanatyam artiste, what are Anjali, Dola and Shivalinga types of?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 16

                          Match 29

1)Solve the anagram"KARMA ASK YUH ".
2)Which company has the tagline Your technology navigator ?
3)What is this Google Doodle representing?

4)Who lives in San Marino?
5)Who is said to be playing the violine while Rome burned?

                        Match 30
   VS  Rishwin

1)Which Company has the tagline Its our business to know your business?
2)Solve the anagram Brian Oar Pork.
3)What is this Google Doodle representing?

4)Which fruit is konw as the 'sithaphal' or Sitas fruit?
5)What was the pen name of Samuel L. Clemens

                          Match 31

 Vs  Nandu

1)Solve the anagram "Idea as inn jon"
2)Which Company has the tagline We Know Money?
3)What is this Amul hits represneting?

4)Complete the list
_____________,Mathew Hayden,Sachin Tendulkar

5)How many stars are there in the European Union flag?

Day 15


Monday, May 3, 2010

Day 14

There will not be any match today cause i dont have much time.I am a bit busy.Sometimes tommorow also will be a holiday for the league.

And i  had posted the questions last time even when i was busy.But I foung out that there is no use of me to dpost it today when i am busy because last time when i did so no one attended it.

So  I think we will have to postpon the finals cause only 2 matches have been over.And only some attended.

Only three participants Sachin,Rishwin,Abhinav have answered all  there matches.Nandu  and Sebastian chettan has answered on match.

Nandu who said that even if i cant be online he will take the full responsibility of the quiz now missing.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Day 13

                              Match 27


1) Jana Tylová(2006), Thomas Snyder(2007). Which "sport" would you associate these World Champions with?
2)Solve the anagram"BLIND YET ON "
3)Name the three Indian Prime minister who tabled the budget?
4)What is this google doodle representing?

5)Which company has the tagline Forever new frontiers?
send your answers to

                          Match 28


Saturday, May 1, 2010

Day 12

                          Match 25
Vs Rishwin

1)Solve the anagram "ALBA RAP HIT TIP ".
2)What is phagomania?
3)What is this amul hit representing?

4)What is the ancient name of Mahabharata?
5)Expand CCI.

                          Match 26


1)Solve the anagram "May Mom Tot".
2)What is ablutomania?
3)What is this google doodle representing?

4)Which is the oldest continent according to reasearchers?