Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Day 16

                          Match 29

1)Solve the anagram"KARMA ASK YUH ".
2)Which company has the tagline Your technology navigator ?
3)What is this Google Doodle representing?

4)Who lives in San Marino?
5)Who is said to be playing the violine while Rome burned?

                        Match 30
   VS  Rishwin

1)Which Company has the tagline Its our business to know your business?
2)Solve the anagram Brian Oar Pork.
3)What is this Google Doodle representing?

4)Which fruit is konw as the 'sithaphal' or Sitas fruit?
5)What was the pen name of Samuel L. Clemens

                          Match 31

 Vs  Nandu

1)Solve the anagram "Idea as inn jon"
2)Which Company has the tagline We Know Money?
3)What is this Amul hits represneting?

4)Complete the list
_____________,Mathew Hayden,Sachin Tendulkar

5)How many stars are there in the European Union flag?

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