Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 17

                         Match 32


1)What is a camel's brush hair made of?
2)Solve the anagaram "Bond Wrong or"
3)What is this Google Doodle representing?

4)Which Bank has the tagline Indias Internationl Bank?
5)What was the old name for Cape of Good Hope?
                          Match 33
1)Who faced the first ball in international test match?
2)Which acto played the role of Shekhar Sachdev in the film Khakee?
3)What is this Google Doodle representing?

4)Solve the anagram"Bad ha deck vim"
5)Which company has the tagline "The edge is effeciency
                       Match 34

1)Solve the anagram "Aid Ill Tom"
2)Which company has the tagline the power on your side?
3)What is this Google Doodle Representing?

4) Which is the most common domesticated bird?
5)  To a Bharatanatyam artiste, what are Anjali, Dola and Shivalinga types of?

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