Friday, May 7, 2010

Day 18

                               Match 35
Rishwin    VS      Nandu

1)Solve the anagram "Bed Reek I ron"
2)Which Clothing brand has the tagline "The jeans that Build America"?
3)According to Zoologists which is the only natural predator to the Polar bears?
4)What is this Google Doodle representing?

5)Where does a CowBird build its nest?

                                                                         Last match of the season
                                    Match    36

Waiting for Someone to put the questions

And thus the Leaue matches of MPL season 1 is over and the semi finals will start only when all the matches are over(atleast 5 people finishing their all matches).So till then we will have to wait.The catogeries for the MPL awards will be announced soon.

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