Friday, June 4, 2010

******************MPL Awards******************

I secretary Quiz and masti is hereby releasing list of categories and winners of MPL awards 2010 on the basis of the performance of the contestants in MPL 2010.

The following are the list of winners:

1)The award for the most frequent quizzer-Sachin S

2)The award for the best match -Match 1(Somalian Pirates  vs   Kadavanthra Kats)

3)The award for most no of correct answers-Rishwin(100%)

Now time for the most awaited award

The Best Quizzer of MPL 2010 -

The Nominations are Sachin S of Somalian Pirates,Nandu Ashok of Cochin Warriors and Abhinav S of Eroor Rockers.

The winner will be anounced soon after you guys debate about it.


Nandu said...

WOW!!!.the MPL Awards are cool!and superb!.I regret that I was unable to play any of the league matches and thus I couldnt win any of the announced awards.the reasons are familiar to you and I think I dont need to explain it again.and for the MPL best quizzer award how are you going to select the winners?.

Nandu said...

OK let me start off the debate.anyway its not fair to nominate my name itself.thus I am not doing so.and for a perfect decision, I want to know the perfomances in league matches.
In my opinion,Sachin can be given a preference because very since the starting of mykochi Sachin is a very frequent visitor of it and even though being a very great quizzer unfortunately he was unable to win any of the main competitions in the quiz 1,MPL etc.

but I said this is a very light suggetion only I could say the actual only after I get the reports of their perfomances in MPL lague matches.

Nevil said...

Gud Nandu