Friday, July 23, 2010

Question Challenge 6

World cup fever is over in mykochi.Now we will have a ordinary question challenge.I think its months since we have had one.Anyway I hope u have enjoyed this season.

We are proud to announce that Nandu Ashok has been nominated as the new Publicising committee Secretary.Nandu you may accept office and take your oath as soon as possible.

1)Expand Star in Star network.(Channel).
2)Solve the anagram"LISA BILK PI "
3)Which company has the tafline'Nothin’ says lovin’ like somethin’ from the oven. '
4)These are the childhood  photographs of  which famous person?

5)Name the only international athlete who won the championship thrice continuously in 100 mts running race?

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Answers to World Cup fun Facts quiz 2

1)Chile’s Carlos Caszely
2)Norman Whiteside(17 years and 41 days )
3)The venue for 2010 WC (South Africa) was anoounced.
4)Roger Milla, from Cameroon(42 years and 39 days )
5) Marcelo Trobbiani of Argentina who spent a grand total of just one minute on the pitch after coming
on as a substitutein the 1986 final. It was his only ever appearance at the World Cup.
6)Hungary versus Brazil match on 27th June 1954. Hungary won 4-2
7) Juan Ignacio Basaguren of Mexico

Saturday, July 10, 2010

World Cup fun facts Quiz 2

Its still football fever in mykochii and the final is coming so here are some questions for u

1)Who got the first red card in WC Football?
2)Youngest ever player to play in WC.(Mention age if possible)
3)What happened on 15 May 2004 regarding WC Football?
4)Oldest man to lead a Football WC team?
5)Who has the shortest world cup career?
6)Which was the first World Cup match to be televised?
7)Who is the first substitute to score in the World Cup finals?

Aibow  a Dachshund dog picks it s choice for the world cup winner

Bingo a Guinea Pig selects its choice of the winner

Lets see who gets it right.


Monday, July 5, 2010

Answers to World Cup fun facts quiz

2)Austria and Hungary
3)The loosing side scored no goals
5)0(Maradona was closest.He won once and became runners up next time)

Special Question-David Beckham

World Cup fun facts quiz

1)In Which City was the FIFA Congress held Which decided to hold World Cup Football?
2)Which two teams played the 100th World Cup match?
3)What was so Peculiar of the Quarter Finals during the 1958 World Cup?
4)Who were the first African team to participate in World Cup?
5)How many Captians have led their side and won two world Cups?

Special Questions-Who wore the No 7 jersey in Man U before Cristiano Ronaldo?

Answers to Super Quiz

1)1)Derek O Brein
3)Bank of Baroda
5)Excessive desire for eating
7)Sir John Sony
10)Anu Malik,Sonu Nigam,Farah Khan

2)League of Extraordinary gentleman
3)All are brands owned by TATA group
4)Earth Day
5) Nandu will say
7)Boney M

1)Goege Reader
2)They have never entered the final(Actually my question was about Checkoslovakia which is 2)
3)America's Bart Patenaude
4)Domingo Lomabrdi of Uruguay
5)Guillermo Stabile of Argentina