Saturday, August 14, 2010

Indian Independence Struggle QUiz

Its IndependenceDay and mykochi is not out of the celebration.We present to you a quiz on the Indian Independence struggle.

Also announcing that the team bidding for the Mini MPL which is to be held this Onam Hols has started.This time there are more rules for the team bidding.All these and other information on MPL are given in the Mini MPL page and team Bidding page.Please do check the pages and register  your team for the first Mini MPL.   

1)Who is known as the Heroine of Quit India Movement ?
2)First elected president of Indian National Congress?
3) Who was the leader of Bardoli Satyagrah of 1928?
 4)Who is the founder of Forward Block formed in 1939?
5)The national leader of India who participated in all of the three round table conferences?
6)Who started the Hindustan Socialist republican Association in 1928?
7)“Vanar Sena” which participated in freedom struggle of India was led by?
8)Which was the summer capital of India during the British rule?
9) What does the Saffron colour in our National Flag stand for?
10)Indian National Congress held its first session in 1885 at?



Nandu said...

SUPRERB Nevil!!,its really superb the appearence of the blog and the quiz.
here are the answers.
1.Aruna Asaf Ali
2.Womesh Chandra Bonnerji
3.Sardar Vallabhai Patel
4.Subhash Chandra Bose
5.Dr BR Ambedkar
6.Chandrashekhar Asad
7.Indira Gandhi

Nandu said...

Nevil,where is the Mini MPL page?.

Nevil.C.Philip said...

On the top Nandu

Nandu said...

Hi Nevil,
as being the publicising secretary of mykochi I am trying to bring more people for the Mini MPL.

Sohail said...

hi all visit