Monday, August 23, 2010

Onam Mini MPL

Mykochi wishes ഓണാശംസകള്‍ for all its members. 

Mini MPL Official video

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Quiz and masti *is proud to present you the mini version of our super league 'Mykochi Premier League'*.The mini version is planned to be conducted during this Onam hols.All re welcomed to the league.You  may also bring your friend to the league.More rules of the league will be put up soon.Every team will be individual like MPL*

Please note.As you guys have not yet registered I think we can have this mini  MPL as part of Onam and Mykochi's First anniversary celebration.As you know we have exams during September.So we may not be able to conduct an other quiz for that.And the onam  hols are going to be over.So what do you guys say.....................

Nevil C Philip                             Nandu Ashok
                                            Abhinav S
MPL Director                                         Publicising Board

Team Bidding

Available Team

1)Girinagar Rajas.*

2)Angamally Dragons.*

3)Mattanchery Madmen

4)Munnar Monsters.*

5)Malabar Roosters.*

6)Salem Smashers

7)Allapuzha Surfers.*

8)Travancore Tuskers.*

9)Thripunithara Tigers.*

10)Arctic Avengers

 11)Ethiopean Eagles.*

                      12)Kadavanthra Kats .*

Pre Owned teams

Somalian Pirates.*
Sachin S                 

Elamkulam Lions.*
Nevil C Philip

Eroor Rockers.*
Abhinav S

Nandu Ashok

Bidding Rules
# Anyone can bid for the available teams.All you have to do is post a comment with your name and your selcted teams name
#In case two or more people want the same team a bidding quiz will be conducted in which the person with more number of correct answers get the team.The other will have to go for another team.
#You cant bid for a pre owned team.
#In case you need a pre owned team ,you have to contact the team owner or post a comment asking him to sell his team to you.The team owner can either reject your offer or can sell it you as per the following rules.
#For pre owned team owners.For selling your team to a other person you have to give him some questions and put a avg score.If he scores abow the avg score you will have to give it to him.No arguments on that will be accepted  by Q&m*.
#Or you can simply sell it to him.But after that all rights of that team  will be rested on him and Q&m*. or Q&m has no interference in the transaction of pre owned teams.
#More rules can be added during the bidding and old transactions will be changed if possible.
#Nevil C Philip's Decision will be final.No one will object on it.But feel free to comment your ideas for the league.
#More rules will be given later.

'*'All rights reserved to Quiz and masti and 2010.


Nevil.C.Philip said...

Hey guys since all of you are in your native places you cant attend this MPL.But dont worry we will postpone MPL if needed.But try to make it in onam

Nandu said...

KOllam!.everything is good but sorry to say-
arado ee abhinav.s ayale eppazha than secretary akkiyathu?.
has he posted any comments ever?.(I remember I has seen one!.)
does he vists mykochi like both of us?.
humm.except that everything is good.

Nevil.C.Philip said...

For your informaion Nandu Abhinav S was the publisicing secretery of quiz and masti even before you came to the blog.He is in charge of every blog under quiz and masti.And he ws also a active participant in the MPL.So is all your doubts over.
Nandu I never knew you were so selfish.

And hos the Video.

Nevil.C.Philip said...

Everyone theres a sad news.My Guenea Pig Bingo died

rishwin said...

i would prefer to get either
travancore tusker or arctic avenger

Nevil.C.Philip said...

HI RIshwin I suggest u take TT.I like tuskers more.And thank u for registering

Gokul Suresh said...

Hi nevil gr8 blog.And I am choosing Girinagar Rajas