Friday, October 8, 2010

Mini MPL is finally here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

#Mini MPL#
Hola mykochimen, Mini MPL is finally here.Though we had planned to make this a Onam special quiz we are now conducting it as just Mini MPL.

The teams who have registered so far are
1)Gokul Suresh -Girinagar Rajas
2)Rishwin Jackson-Travancore Tuskers
3)Nandu Ashok-Cochin Warriors
4)Abhinav S-Eroor Rockers
5)Sohail Nijas-Mattanchery Madmen
6)Sachin Santosh-Somalian Pirates
7)Rahul Varma-Malabar Roosters

Any one else who wish to participate may register and enter the quiz before it is over.The team names are given in the post just before this.More info on the quiz are given below.


The rules are as given below

1)There will be three matches with ten questions each for every teams.The answers for the first quiz will be given just before the next set of question is published.So if you Miss a quiz or register late you will miss the first quiz.But this doesn't affect your scoring as the scores are taken as the total avg.
2)Each quiz will be open for a week only.Answers send after the closing date will not be entertained.
3)Any decision made by Nevil C Philip is final.
4)Finally let me make it clear that there will be no prizes for the winners in Mini MPL.Instead the winners name will be registered in the MPL hall of fame.


There is a new way of scoring for Mini MPL.Instead of taking the total from all three matches we are taking the avg of all three matches together so that even if you miss a quiz you wont have any disadvantage

The quiz is planned to start on 9th Oct Saturday.(The quiz will run as schedule unless there is any reason that I cant come online or do not have time to make the questions.But I assure you that I will take the full responsibility of that and the quiz will be put as soon.)

All answers are to be send to

Also people Mykochi is having a whole new website.
Everyone are requested to visit the site and join as a member.There are special quizzes for members.The other privileges enjoyed by members are your own mykochimail,special access into the site etc. 

I also want to make it clear that the rumours you have been hearing that mykochi is been overthrown by catechizer is a false one.We at quiz and masti consider catechizer as a competitor for mykochi

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