Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mini MPL Quiz 1

Hola Mykochimen as you know Mini MPL starts today.The rules are given in the below post.Please do read the rules before attempting the quiz.The first set of questions are given below.Clues are given for some questions in the brackets.Please don not search for the answers.

1)Give me the name and speciality of the tiger given below.(Either name or speciality is enough.)

2)Connect the following pictures.(I want a specific answer.I cant give any clues.You either know it or don't)

3)What does jisho mean in Japanese?

4)Connect the following pictures.(Connected to entertainment.Look carefully at the pictures)

5)Easy one.Connect the subpictures.(The small pictures inside the main picture.)

6)Identify both.(Hint:If you get one the other is not far away.Look carefully at the picture.)

7)Connect the following snapshots. (Obviously gaming)

8)Who is the owner of the voice given below?(Click play for the voice.)(The answer is an unexpected one)

9)Connect(Think people,think!)

10)Here's a big connect.Three photos are given.Each photo has a connection to one thing ie,first photo connects to one thing while the second one connects to another thing..These three things that we obtain   connects to another thing.That final thing is the answer.The answer will be considered correct only if you get the final connect right.So here goes:(Cricket,its there in the picture folks.But the asnwer is not India.)



Send your answers with your team name to
Please note that you can send your answers only once.But there is no negative marking so feel free to guess.
Those who have not registered yet have to register first and then participate.Answers of unregistered participants wont be entertained.
You can register by taking a free team from the post below this and post a comment with your name and your team name.Then send your answers to the abow E mail address.
Please do not check for the answer in any source especially the internet.

Your scores are given in the Scorecard page above


Gokul Suresh said...

gr8 questions!!!!

NANDU said...


nevil of mykochi said...

Gokul Suresh participated in the quiz and got 1 correct

nevil of mykochi said...

and nandu pls send the answers fast

Nandu said...

make it easier this is sooooo tough!. then only answers.

Matthew said...

Hey Neville
Im taking Arctic Avengers

Matthew said...

Guys Please check out my Blog

Matthew said...

Hey Neville,do you check the blog.i sent u the answers.also,arctic avengers are free rite.

Nevil.C.Philip said...

Hey nandu i thaught u were a gud quizzer.Now i think i have to rethink.The quetions r meant to be tough man!!!!!

And Mathew Artic Avengers is free

Nevil.C.Philip said...

Rahul Varma (Malabar Roosters)participated and got 7 correct
Mathew(Artic Avengers)Got 6 correct
Congrats all quizzers

Nevil.C.Philip said...

Hey guys Quiz And Masti is proud to announce that we are having a new member in our family. Its true people we are having a third blog.Gokuls inspire is no a part of Quiz and masti.Official ceremony will be held later.

Rahul Varma said...


Matthew said...

hey neville.i just got the answer to the last one(i think).so if no one answers it can i

NANDU said...

Hey Nevil, I didnt meant it is soo tough and I have seen lots of questions tougher than this.
what I meant actually is that... hmmm... sorry to say but these questions are of very poor standards.all these are very specific and are of a type that if you know it,you gets its or else not.I'm not supporting it but,just look and study catechizer!.

Matthew said...

i agree with from catechizer man.its more interesting and u cn guess the answer.

Please dont take anything we say in a bad way.

Nevil.C.Philip said...

Ok I will surely consider on what u said and will try to improve the standards for the next quiz.But feel free to say yor tughts on the quiz.I will only take it in that way.Anyway the quiz will be over today.