Saturday, October 23, 2010

Mini MPL Set 3

Hola Mykochimen,we set 3 is here.The questions of set 3 is put up in the blog.The last dte for answering them is next saturday.This is the final set and so will determine the scorecard.So answer properly.The questions will be aa bit more tough as it is the final.

1)Identify her?(You know her but not like this)

2)Give the funda.

3)Who are these or what are they known for?(I told you it is tough.But just think)

4)Give the funda.

5)Identify the logo.(You either know it or not)

6)Name the instrument played here

7)Connect.(Think hard)


9)Give the Funda or tell me what will come in the space of the question mark.(Think)

10)Here is a big connect(just literally).Connect(no clues)

Send your answers to

Answers for set 2

1)KFC Secret Recipie

3)Jammu & Kashmir
4)Queens Baton for 2006 CWG
5)Sony AIBO
6)Shenai(Bandit Bismilah khan)
7)All their titles have been named after old songs.
8)Mahal(First horror movie in Bollywood)



Vasudev said...

hey nevil actually all those films have song withthe film's name

Karthik Ganapathy V said...

Hey Nevil..........
I am karthik Ganapathy V of BAV
i want to bid 4 the Kadavanthra Kats team.........

rishwin said...

guys check out ma blog too.......

rishwin said...


Vasudev said...

nevil , as i said the 7) q all the films have songs in them with the same name
pls check it

nevil of mykochi said...

No Vasu.Even I taught that after most of you told about it.But I dont think DDLJ has a title song named DDLJ.Anyway if there is I will consider your request but the problem is that Rahul has answered the correct answer.