Monday, November 8, 2010

A very^100000 simple give the funda

Hey guys here is a give the funda question becaus its so long since we have had a question on the blog.But reminding you that the time for answering the Diwali quiz is not over.

The answer is Marvel Comics(These are all old names of Marvel)

Cracked by Vasu


NANDU said...

EDO Nevile!!,what a colour is this??.
what a red and black!!.I got scared when I opened this!!.is this a quiz blog or a horror stories blog?.
please dont make it sooo bright.use the same colours but not very much bright.

the names dev , vasudev said...


nevil of mykochi said...

Hey Nandu this is not perm ust a tryout like the enquire tryout of blockbuster.Anyway let me hear wat others say.

U r rit Vasu

rishwin said...

to be really frank i wud have got dis one......
if i had thought a bit hard :D

Nevil.C.Philip said...

hey rish try the other one