Friday, November 26, 2010

Weekend Quiz

Here are the new official logos of & Quiz and masti

1)Identify this famous
2)Identify this fictional lady

3)Identify the person in the photo.(look at the background) {Cancelled}

1)Arthur Conan Doyle
2)Bacteria(Unhygenix's wife)

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Anonymous said...

1.ian fleming
2.(ur asking this 2 a comic fan)Bacteria from asterix(i think)
3.donno his name,tannay smthin rite.he acted in my name is khan as young SRK

u no ho ville(ne)

Nevil.C.Philip said...

U r rit

but actually I had meant it to be Karan johar(3).So question cancelled.

Nevil.C.Philip said...

And mathew check the site

Anonymous said...

i did

NANDU said...

WoW Nevil!!.The New Logos are just SUPERB!!!!!!.

Anonymous said...

Eda Nandu check the site

Anonymous said...

ville,didnt u copy the quiz n masti logo from iTunes genius looks a lot alike.

sachin said...

q-Ian Fleming
Q3--Tanay chedda..
Sorry if i posted here...
anyways u jst copid apple genius....not very genuine..

Matthew said...

Sachin,u copied everything i said.

Not very genuine either ;)

nevil of mykochi said...

Actually the lgog was created with a logo maker and I just used a logo which I found interesting.

And aabout the answers sachin u r sit.

The 3rd q is cancelled