Saturday, April 30, 2011

MPL Champion

After a tough contest in the much awaited final, we have a champion.And it is none other than 


The quiz which was a live quiz in the mykochi chat box started at 9 15(Due to some technical problems)and was over by 11.15.The quiz was divided into 5 rounds.Namely Lets get through,Pics,Taglinomania,Rapid Fyr.... & The decider.From the first round itself Dragons were having a comfortable lead.But Rockers never gave up.They fought hard but could not stay up till the end.Th final scores were 29-22.We had good audience who cheered the contestants and answered the questions when it was their turn.Audience were asked to answer the questions once the contestants finished.Both finalists will get trophies and vouchers.The prize distribution will be held most probably at the EQL curtain raiser.

The questions and answers asked in the finals are given below

The questions and answers are as follows.
Round 1 -Lets get through
This a simple round to start of the quiz.Each participant had 30 seconds to answer.

1)Dear Friends,
I have been fortunate to draw **** and his friends for almost fifty years. It has been the fulfillment of my childhood ambition. Unfortunately, I am no longer able to maintain the schedule demanded by a daily comic strip, My family does not wish X to be continued by anyone else, therefore I am announcing my retirement. I have been grateful over the years for the loyalty of our editors and the wonderful support and love expressed to me by fans of the comic strip. ***,****,****,***… can I ever forget them...
Give the funda.

Answer-Ending lines of peanuts comics

2)Connect Rice,Chestnut,grape,pears,onions,and a vehicle.

Answer- Prizes won by a Sumo grandslam winner

3)Complete the sequence Charles BcCnnerman,Billy Murdock,Andy Sandham…………

Answer-Brain Lara(They are the ones who got the first 100,200,300 &400)

4)International Pageant of Pulchritude.How do we know this today

Answer-Miss Universe

5)Indias first cigarette company


6)Who is a Gyōji

Answer-A referee in a Sumo match

Scores- 4-2

Round 2 - Pics


This was a pic only round.There is no time limit.

1)Give her claim to fame
Answer-She is Fiona Cairns, the designer of the cake used in the royal wedding.(There was a 

debate during the quiz brought up by the audience that it was an Indian who made the cake.But  

that Indian was this womans Husband.)

2)Why is this book famous

Answer-This is the first book to be sold on


Answer-The connect is Simon Bolivar.(The flag is that of Bolivia.And the second pic is of his tomb.)

4)Where will you find this

Answer-FIFA HQ


Answer-The connect is FIAT.(The first pic is of the Juventus FC which is based in Turin.Second 

is the coat of arms of turin.Third pic is that of the FIAT founder.)


Answer-Force India.(Sponsors.)

Scores- 8-3

Round 3- Taglinomania


In this round contestants were given taglines.They will have to answer to which company the 

tagline belongs.Time limit - 15sec

1)The future is Asia


2)Betcha cant eat just one.


3)Beauty with a purpose
Answer-Miss Universe
4)Make a difference
5)We’re moving beyond documents.

6)Better sound through research



Round 4- Rapid Fyr..........
The contestants were given  questions and was aked to answer all of them in 1 min.

1)Who wrote a suitable boy
2)Indias Highest selling daily
3)How do we better know Areca Catechu
4)Who wrote Das Kapital
5)Which drink has its tagline as the uncola
6)Who wrote KIM

1)Vikram Seth
2)Malayala Manorama
4)Karl Marx
6)Rudyard Kipling

Score 17-10

Round 5- The Decider
This round had 6 questions comprising of 3 marks each.This was the final round and the decider.

1)தமிழீழ விடுதலைப் புலிகள்,
Where will you find this or what is this


2)Give funda

Answer-This is the plane from which the ferrari logo was taken.
3)Id logo

Answer-Emirates Stadium

 Answer-The connect I had meant was DD.(DD Rajya Sabha,DD Lok Sabha,DD Metro and DD Bharti)
But the one of the contestant came up with the idea of Delhi as the answer.So we gave it to him.)
5)Id logo

6)Id logo

Answer-Miss Universe

Final Score 29-22
Result-Dragons win by 7 questions.
Audience only question
1)Id logo


2)Give funda

Answer-Layout of Westminster Abbey

And thus The second season of MPL is officially closed

MPL Grande Finale live

Welcome everyone to the grande finale of MPL season 2.The quiz is a live one and is happening at present.To join in as audience and view the quiz live.Click on the chat button in the toolbar below(Bottom right).

If you have any of the account shown there click on ti do as you are told.If you don't have n account but have google account click on yahoo and select the use yahoo with google option.

Then you will be brought into the chat box where the quiz will be going on.

1)Dint interupt the quiz in middle by answering the questions in the quiz meant for the contestants.You will be given special audience quesitons to answer.

Rules for Participants

1)You rules will be given to you by me directly.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

MPL season 2 Grande Finale.

Hey folks.The league matches and the Semi finals are over.So what dos that mean?????????

Its time for the final!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And both the finalists promise to make it a quiz in a lifetime.So lets see our finalists.


Dragons headed by Appuchin is gonna take on Abhijith led Rockers.

To see who succeeds Be here tomorrow at 9PM sharp and watch the final of this fantastic league live.See you all there!!!!!!!

Venue    :This blog(
Date      :29-4-11(Friday)
Time      :9 PM
Quizmaster :Nevil Bigtummy

There is another good news for the finalists.We have got sponsors.That means theres gonna be good prizes!!!!!!!!!!

Semi Final 2 Result.

Won semifinal 2 and will compete Dragons in the grande finale  o be held tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Semi Final 2





4)Complete the Sequence





6)ID logo

7)Give Funda


9)Give funda(Specific)

10)Id logo

Click here to see Semi Final rule
Just reminding the participants that you have just one day to answer(today!!!!!)

Send your answers to

All Semi Finalist should give a suitable time in which they are free for the finals.Presently its planned to be on the 29th or 30 th 9PM.


Result-Rockers won by 2 question(6-4) and enters the finals.

1)They are all Brand Ambassadors for Airtel
2)They are found in the currencies of their respective country.
3)All products by Johnson & Johnson
4)Sachin Tendulkar(Brand Ambassadors of ICC Cricket worldcup.)
5)All products from Procter and Gamble
6)Apollo mission from NASA
7)They are Robert Frost and Richard Nixon.(Famous interviews between them)
8)Airline companies.
9)First Internet browser