Thursday, April 14, 2011

Match 16


Match Over
1)Solve the anagram GAVE ELK VIVO PUN
2)Connect this image to world famous brand.

3)Id google doodle
4)Id amul hitz

5)Id logo
Send your answers to
Result-Madmen didnt answer within 2 days.So by no opposition rule lions win by 5 questions(5-0)

Match over
All mykochimen please listen.

I hope all of you saw the new toolbar in Mykochi.Well you have also seen the Mykochi chat button.Well  I am prod to inform you that this years MPL final will be held as a live quiz in that chat room.Just click on that button and connect using any of the following networks given.If you dont have any of those sign in with your google id by clicking the Yahoo link and use yahoo with google account.Well all of you must check it out.Feel free to comment on the new plan

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KGV.... said...

theres a prob wid ma schedule on 22 n 23...
i hav a match on 22 n on d nxt day I hav 2 games...
pls make appropriate changes//...