Thursday, April 21, 2011

Match 28



1)Id mascot

2)Where will you find this.

3)Id mascot

4)Id the company which has its HQ here.

5)Solve the anagram HAH ASH BIB CHECK


Audience can now answer.
Result- By NOR Rajas win by 1 question(1-0)
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All franchisee owners are requested to check the comments of this post.

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Nevil.C.Philip said...

Hey evryone

There is some present happenings in the league.Sohail Nijas of Mattanchery Madmen quit.Rights of his franchisee is now been sold to nandu Ashok.Nandu will be participating in the league as Madmen.
Rishwin Jackson of Travancore Tusker is unable to participate.So Mathew GK will be sub for him in the coming matches.

Keep Quizzing.