Saturday, April 9, 2011

Match 5

Match closed
1)Identify him(You have to give his original name.not the name by which he is popularly known)

2)Give fundae

3)Solve the Anagram ASHEN REST
4)Id the amul hit

 5) Id google doodle
Match closed

Auidience can now answer as comments.
Result-Lions won by 2 questions(5-3)
send your nswers to

1)Poppin fresh more popularly known as the pilsbury doughboy
2)They are the designers of the first Macintosh
4)Sushmita sen winning Miss universe
5)World water day


Anonymous said...

man i'd advise u not to put amul hits
mostly they r easy

Vasudev said...

man , i nd karthik didnt kno v were aganst each other v discussed answers
can u put another quiz

Nevil.C.Philip said...

Sorry Vasu I already told u that.

An anonymous pls tell who u r.

I know Amul hitz are easy.But I tought let them atleast get 1 point.But then too some people dont get their Amul hitz correct.

Nevil.C.Philip said...

Vasudev(Avengers participated.

Anonymous said...

in ur quizzes d average is 3 which is more than 66% so ders no point of thinking of giving them at least 1, this amul is so easy see it says SEN