Saturday, April 9, 2011

Match 6

Match over
1)Give fundae

2)Id amul hit

3)Id google doodle

4)Identify him(I want the name and the name only)

5)Solve the anagram ALAN GIRD HUH

Match over

Audience can participate now.
Result- Pirates won by 1 question(3-2)

send your answers to

1)Signing of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation(NATO)
2)Maradona tested positive in the dope test and is ruled out of football
3)World teachers day
4)Dazzler-Mascot of 2003 ICC Circket world cup
5)Rahul Gandhi


Nevil.C.Philip said...

Sachin and Gokul answered.

Sachin - 3

Gokul - 2

Sachin won by 1 question.

Anonymous said...

and look at dat 1 its DANM easy