Sunday, April 10, 2011

Match 9


Match over
1)Id amul hitz(specific)

2)Id google doodle

3)Id flag

4)Id him(name)

5)Solve the anagram BURN COMMEND CULL.

Match over
Audience can now answer as comments
Result-Rockers won by 1 question(5-4)
send your answers to

1)Jailalitha sent to jail following the gold scam
2)Earth day
4)Goody the Tiger(mascot  of Nerolac paints)
5)Brendon McCullum


Anonymous said...

isnt der 1 point for a draw

Nevil.C.Philip said...


Matthew(M.A.Thai) said...

dude im confused.u never said that the owners of last year haD to bid.DAMNNNNNNNNNNNN

Matthew(M.A.Thai) said...

sorry i dint read the rules prply.but u no cn i participate in sm way????
or from now???u cn reduce the no of mathes as a penalty r smthin n u cn gimme any team available.pleaseeeeee

Matthew(M.A.Thai) said...

or can i cm if smone needs a sub????

Nevil said...

Sorry math u cant.

Even Nandu didntt register and i didnt give him a chance

i had sent u a mail and had told sachin and rish to tell u to register.

And math if u want to be a sub u can just directly contct them.

I hope u can be a sub

Nevil.C.Philip said...

Match won by Rockers(5-4)

Matthew(M.A.Thai) said...

k den
cn u put up a ad in ur blog abt a sub bein available????