Wednesday, April 6, 2011

MPL Season 2 Team Info

Team Info

Eroor Rockers-Abhijith Menon
Angamally Dragons-Appuchin

 Girinagar Rajas - Gokul Suresh

Mattanchery Madmen-Sohail Nijas

 Somalian Pirates-Sachin S
Travancore Tuskers-Rishwin F  Jackson

 Arctic Avengers-Vasudev Chakravarti
 Elamkulam Lions-Karthik Ganapathy
Thripunithura Tigers-Vivek V

The bidding for MPL Season 2 is over and given abow are the teams contending this year.For those who could not register for the league can still participate in the audience quiz.So everyone dont forget to stay uptdated on the blog.

The new generation quiz league

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Nevil.C.Philip said...

The team info is given here.

The official video and schedule will be released tomorrow or the day after.