Monday, September 26, 2011

The following lyrics is the translation of a song.Id the song.

Clue:-This is the more unpopular lines of a very popular song.

Your call is announced continuously,we heed Your gracious call
The Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, Jains, Parsees, Muslims, and Christians,
The East and the West come,to the side of Your throne
And weave the garland of love.
Oh! You who bring in the unity of the people!
Victory be to You, dispenser of the destiny of India!

The way of life is somber as it moves through ups and downs,
But we, the pilgrims, have followed it through ages.
Oh! Eternal Charioteer, the wheels of your chariot echo day and night in the path
In the midst of fierce revolution, your conch shell sounds.
You save us from fear and misery
Oh! You who guide the people through tortuous path...
Victory be to You, dispenser of the destiny of India!

During the bleakest of nights,when the whole country was sick and in swoon
Wakeful remained Your incessant blessings,through Your lowered but winkless eyes
Through nightmares and fears,You protected us on Your lap
Oh Loving Mother!
Oh! You who have removed the misery of the people...
Victory be to You, dispenser of the destiny of India!

The night is over, and the Sun has risen over the hills of the eastern horizon.
The birds are singing, and a gentle auspicious breeze is pouring the elixir of new life.
By the halo of Your compassion India that was asleep is now waking
On your feet we lay our heads
Victory, Victory, Victory be to You, the Supreme King, the dispenser of the destiny of India!
Victory to You, victory to You, victory to You, Victory, Victory, Victory, Victory to You!

Answer-Jana Gana Mana(Indian National anthem)
Crackeed by -Anurag,Nandu,Vasu,Appuchin,Kriti Pandey,Rishwin


rishwin said...

jana gana mana ?

Anurag said...

The Indian National Anthem!!!!!!

Vasudev said...

cmon , hw stupid can your questions get , Jana Gana Mana

appuchin said...

jana gana mana

Kriti Pandey said...

India's National Anthem

Nandu said...


KGV said...

Vande Maataram..