Monday, October 17, 2011

The dead Un -dead

The author of X,Y wrote many novel before and after Y ,but however Y is his only well know novel.X has also helped other authors of his age ,writing novel of the same genre as Y.Before writing Y, X spent seven years researching European folklore and stories, being most influenced by Emily Gerard's 1885 essay "Transylvania Superstitions" ."The Dead Un-Dead" and "the Un-Dead" were chosen as the title for Y before X came to the conclusion of naming it Y.

Id X or Y
Answer-X- Dracula
Y- Bam stoker
Cracked by Rishikesh,Abhinav,Appuchin,ANurag,Chazz,Nandu
Please not that we wont be frequent to put questions as usual in mykochi as I have some difficulties of accessing the web these two weeks.Please bear with us for the trouble.But however we will be putting questions if possible.So dont go away


Chazz said...

dracula by Bram stoker

Anurag said...

bram stoker's Dracula

Nandu said...

Dracula and Bram stoker

appuchin said...

dracula by bram stoker

appuchin said...

@mandu- it's all right da!! congrats on answering more questions than me....btw give my regards to google and tineye for their help!!

Abhinav said...

I believe i cracked the HP question as well??
there seems to be a mistake. my name is not there.

Rishikesh said...

X- Dracula
Y- Bam stoker