Friday, November 4, 2011

One harsh game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

X is a sport which is played annually in England on the Shove Tuesday and Ash Wednesday starting each day at 2.00 pm and lasting until 10.00 pm.The game has  been played since the 12th century.But the records of the beginning of the game is not known as the building which housed the information was destroyed due to a fire.If the goal is scored before 5.00 pm a new ball is released and play restarts from the town centre, otherwise play ends for the day.The ball used for playing X will resemble a coconut. According to the rules of X, it is legal to do anything on the opponent other than killing him.But it is illegal to carry it on a motorcycle and to carry it hiding in a rucksack or coat.Playing after 10 pm is also forbidden.
You have to Id X that is the game which is played only in the above mentioned place at the above mentioned time.

Answer-Royal Shrovetide Football
Cracked by-Suman,Appuchin and Nandu


suman said...

royal shrovetide football

appuchin said...

ashborne shrovetide football

Nandu said...

Royal Shrovetide Football.

Anonymous said...

pure googling !