Sunday, November 6, 2011

A rather infamous photographer for a famous company.

Oliviero Toscani  is an photographer from Italy,who is best known for his photos for the advertisement of X,an italian brand which is famous worldwide.Most of these were really controversial.
One of his most famous campaigns included a photo  of David Kirby dying of AIDS, lying in a Columbus, Ohio, hospital bed, surrounded by his grieving relatives. That picture was controversial due to its similarity to a piet√† painting and because some thought the use of this image to sell clothing was exploiting the victim; though the Kirby family stated that they authorized the use and that it helped increase AIDS awareness.
He also was the co-founder of colors a magasine also owned by X.
You have to identify X which is a famous clothing brand started in Italy and now has branches worldwide and earning a total turnover of over 2 billion euro.

Question contributed by Appu Sankarankutty 
Answer-United Colours of Benetton
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United Colors of Benneton