Friday, November 11, 2011

Similar to 'snake' but a rabbit searching for balls

X was game appearing on most of the LG mobiles,and the concept was very much similar to 'snake' which was available on most Nokia mobiles.The objective of the game was to guide a small rabbit head shaped animal around a playing field gathering coloured balls.The player had a fixed amount of time to clear the board without running into itself or the wall or growing too big.If you did any of this you will be failed and will have to start from the beginning.Failing 4 times will end the game.Rest of the rules were pretty much similar to that of 'snake'.As the levels increased there came walls around the screen and many obstacles in between.You can collect bonus balls too.If you collect one your timer maybe reset to full,your size will decrease,and all the balls changing colour and position.
X(as in the name) is also a game played in real life in a adapted trampoline and is also a game released in 2007 for the Wii.
You have to id X which was a game put default on LG mobile phones.

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