Thursday, January 12, 2012

U ought to get 2 out of three

"The Mark of Athena" is the upcoming title of this  particular book series,Y.The series consists of 7 protagonists each of them sons of Greek and Roman god.The list of protagonists include X who is the protagonist of yet another famous series by the same author.

Give me any of the two form the following list :- Y,X,Author

Y-Heroes of Olympus
X-Percy Jacson
Author-Rick Riordan
Cacked by2 out of three)-Nandu,Srihari,Rishwin,Abhinav,Muhamad,Hari,Anurag,Aravind Senan,Mathew,Vishnu,


Nandu said...

Y-The Heroes of Olympus.
Author-Rick Riordan.

Srihari said...

rick riordan...percy jackson????????????/

rishwin said...

persey jackson ? rick riordan

Abhinav said...

percy jackson
heros of olympus

Muhammed said...

X - percy jackson
Author - rick riordan

Hari said...

Y- Heroes of Olympus
X- Percy Jackson
the author is rick riordan

Anurag said...

The Heroes of Olympus

Aravind Senan said...

Y - Heroes of Olympus
X - Percy Jackson
AND THE AUTHOR is Rick Riordin

imdb, pandora, limewire

Matttttttt said...

heroes of olympus
percy jackson
rick riordan

vishnu said...

percy jacson-x.y-?

vishnu said...

author rick riordan