Sunday, February 12, 2012

Easy question,just adding your knowledge n him

 X was supposed to be carved by a wood carver but he ran away after the man began to make a wooden lion, which scared him. He without any money,cloths or home wandered through the woods until he meet a friendly goblin Big ears. Big ears decides that X is a toy and takes him to live in Toyland. He generously provides X with a set of clothing and buys a build-it-yourself house for him. But X is not accepted by the citizens of toyland as they suspected him of not being a toy. They put X on trial and examine whether he is a toy or an ornament.But finally he is accepted as a toy and is allowed to live in toyland.

Cracked by Nandu Sunil,Rishwin,Anurag,Aravind Senan,Adithchandra