Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Day 10 - April 18nth(Set 5)

Match Over
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Todays Matches

Group A
Armaan Akthar vs Abhi
Gowrishankar vs Renju Kokkat
Abhilash Joseph vs Aivin Thomas
Group B
Gokul Sateesh vs Rahul T R
Sid Art vs Adithyan
Akhil R Nair vs Shyam Harikumar
Group C
Rijil vs Shabeer Hameed
Anant M Nambiar vs Sunil Kumar
Kevin Shaji vs Hrishikesh Suresh
Group D
Pranav V C vs Shivanand K
Abhinav S vs Harjaap Singh
Allen Jose vs Arun S

Questions(Click on the fullscreen button to view it larger)
(remember to attempt it even if u dont know the asnwer bcoz if ur oponent doesnt answer u will win by NOR(see rules))

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If you cant view it here go to- https://docs.google.com/presentation/pub?id=1ThAmRuJZWR9CQSkRFeFOyCixddjEoNMBTbwn-6EqFOo&start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000
Send your answers to mykochiquiz@gmail.com or just drop it as a comment in the blog under this post with your full name(Required only if if answered as a comment)
Group A
1)Abhi won by NOR with 5 ques lead(5-0)
2)Rnju on by NOR with 4 ques lead(4-0)
3)Match tie by MOR
Group B
1)Gokul Sateesh won by 1 questions(4-3)
2)Match tie by NOR
3)Akhil won by NOR with 4 ques lead(4-0)
Group C
1)Match tie by NOR
2)Anant won by NOR with 5 ques lead(5-0)
3)Kevin won by 2 ques(5-3)
Group D
1)Pranav  won 3 ques (5-2)
2)Match tie by NORw
3)Arun won b 3 ques(5-2)

1)Scull and Crossbones
2)LEGO board games(The things on the die are interchangeable)
3)Gnomon of Saint-Sulpice(Where the ancient meridian the rose line passes through)
5)Coca Cola


Gokul sateesh said...

1-Skull and crossbones


3-The obelisk at the church of saint sulpice that was mentioned in the da vinci code


5-Coca cola

Rahul T R said...

1. danger symbol (skull and bones)
2. sony
4. titanic wreckage
5. coca cola

Anonymous said...

skull and cross bones (danger sign)
used to find position of sun in sky.(found in italian churches i think)
titanic sank here(an easy one)
coca cola(i asked this question in my college recently)

akhil r nair

renju kokkatt said...

1 skull nd bones symbol
2 lego
4 titanic disaster here
5 cocacola

Aditya Patil said...

4)titanic sunk