Thursday, April 19, 2012

Day 12-April 20th(set 6)

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Todays Matches

Group A
Renju Kokkat vs Akash S
Abhilash Joseph vs Abhi
Aivin Thomas vs Gowrishankar
Group B
Adithyan vs Vishnu Suresh
Akhil R Nair vs Gokul Sateesh
Shyam Harikumar vs Sid Art
Group C
Sunil Kumar vs Nandu Ashok
Kevin Shaji vs Shabeer Hamid
Hrishikesh Suresh vs Anant M Nambiar
Group D
Harjaap Singh vs Rishwin Jacson
Allen Jose vs Shivanand K
Arun S vs Abhinav S

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(remember to attempt it even if u dont know the asnwer bcoz if ur oponent doesnt answer u will win by NOR(see rules))

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Group A
1)Renju won by NOR with 1 ques lead(1-0)

2)Abhi won by NOR with 4 ques lead(4-0)
3)Gouri won by NOR with 3 ques lead

Group B
1)Match tie by NOR
2)Gokul saateesh on by 2 ques(4-2)
3)Sid wony by NOR with 1 ques lead(1-0)
Group C
1)Match tie by NOR
2)Match tie by NOR
3)Anant won by NOR with 1 ques lead
Group D
1)MAtch tie by NOR
2)Match tie by NOR
3)Arun won by NOR with 3 ques lead

2)The Artist(2012)
3)Thats the Buick Y Job the worlds first concept car
4)Ace Indian ethical hacker Ankit Faidas webpage being hacked by TGH


Gokul sateesh said...


2-The artist

3-Concept car

4-Its' ironic because a hacker was hacked.Ankit fadia was hacked by a group called TGH

5-No country for old men

Anonymous said...

first concept car(thanx for another auto qstn)
some site hacked

akhil r nair

renju kokkatt said...

1 anyan
3 1st bond car

renju kokkatt said...

3bond car