Friday, April 20, 2012

Day 13 April 21st(Set 7)

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Todays Matches

Group A
Armaan Akthar vs Manu Sathian
Aditya Patil vs Renju Kokkat
Abhilah Joseph Anurith R
Group B
Rahul T R vs Sri Krishna
Adithyan vs Vasudev Chakravarti
Akhil R Nair vs Karthik G V
Group C
Rijil vs Mohan Nandakumar
Sunil Kumar vs Arpit Mehta
Kevin Shaji vs Saketh Ravuri
Group D
Pranav V C vs Rakshit Sood
Harjaap Singh vs Shakthi Barath
Allen Jose vs Abhijith Menon

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(remember to attempt it even if u dont know the asnwer bcoz if ur oponent doesnt answer u will win by NOR(see rules))

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Group A
1)Armaan won by NOR with 2 ques lead(2-0)

2)Aditya won by 1 ques(3-2)
3)Match tie by NOR

Group B
1)Krishna won by 2 ques lead(4-2)
2)Match tie by NOR
3)Akhil won by NOR with 4 ques(4-0)
Group C
1)Matcht ie by NOR
2)Match tie by NOR
3)Match tie by NOR
Group D
1)Rakshit won  iwth 2 ques(4-2)
2)Match tie by NOR
3)Abhijith won by 1 ques lead(2-1)

1)Google protest against the proposed SOP and PIPA
2)First Spam
3)Springfield(From simpsons)
4)They were all nominated for acting and script in the same year at the academy awards)
5)His original name was Albert.It was changed when he became the  King because his great grandmother Queen Victoria didnt want any Kings of England to be name after her husband.


Anonymous said...

1.against SOPA act, the internet world was shut down for a day
2. first email
3. springfield
4. nominated for both acting and writing in same year for oscar
5. albert arthur george was his real name.he changed name because his maternal grandma didnt like the name albert

akhil r nair

Aditya Patil said...

1)SOPA protest
2)first spam email
4)oscar nominations for both acting and writing in the same year