Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 2-April 10nth(Set 1)

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Todays Matches

Group A
1)Anurith R vs Renju Kokkat
2)Armaan Akthar vs Aditya Patil
3)Manu Sathian vs Jayadev Pradeep
Group B
1)Karthik GV vs Adithyan
2)Rahul TR vs Vasudev Chakravarthy
3)Sri Krishna vs Gokul Suresh
Group C
1)Saketh Ravuri vs Sunil Kumar
2)Rijil vs Arpit Mehta
3)Mohan Nandakumar vs Rithwik K
Group D
1)Abhijth Menon vs Harjaap Singh
2)Pranav VC vs Shakthi Barath
3)Rakshit sood vs Trishanku Bhuyan

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Group A
 1)Match tie with both scoring 3 ques
 2) Aditya Patil won by 2 ques lead
3)Manu Sathian won 1 ques lead
Group B
1)Karthik G V won by NOR with 4 ques lead
2)Tie with both scoring 3 ques
3)Sri Krishna won by 2 ques lead
Group C
1)Saketh won by NOR with 2 ques lead
2)Arpit Mehta won by NOR with 4 ques lead
3)Rithwik won by NOR with 5 ques lead
Group D
1)Harjaap Singh won by 1 ques lead
2)Pranav won by NOR with 4 ques lead
3)Rakshit Sood won by 1 ques lead

1)Kochi(U r in the mykochi Premier league)
2)Thats the columbia pictures logo for MIB 3.(You can see the memory tranquilizer in the hands of the Columbia lady)
3)Face- Off
4)Albert Einstein
5)GTA 4


Vasudev said...


2)Columbia is a trademark of sony pictures entertainment



5)GTA IV , niko belic

Aditya Patil said...

Aditya Patil

1)kochi (lol)
2)men in black(??)
5)gta 4

Karthik G V said...

1) Kochi
2) Men in Black
4) Albert Einstein
5) Grand Theft Auto