Saturday, April 28, 2012

Day 21 April 29nth(set 11)

Match Over
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This is the last match in the league stage
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Todays Matches

Group A
Gowri Shankar vs Abhilash Joseph
Renju Kokkat vs Abhi
Akash S vs Armaan Akthar
Jayadev Pradeep vs Anurith R
Aditya Patil vs Manu Sathian
Group B
Sid Art vs Akhil R Nair
Adithyan vs Gokul Sateesh
Vishnu Suresh vs Rahul T R
Karthik G V vs Gokul Suresh
Vasudev Chakravarti vs Sri Krishna
Group C
Anant M Nambiar vs Kevin Shaji
Shabeer Hamid vs Sunil Kumar
Nandu Ashok vs Rijil
Saketh Ravuri vs Rithwik K
Arpit Mehta vs Mohan Nandakumar
Group D
Abhinav S vs Allen Jose
 Shivanand  K vs Harjaap Singh
Pranav V C vs Rishwin Jacson
Abhijith Menon vs Trishanku Bhuyan
Shakthi Barath vs Rakshit Sood

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(remember to attempt it even if u dont know the asnwer bcoz if ur oponent doesnt answer u will win by NOR(see rules))

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Group A
1)Gouri won byNOR with 4 ques lead
2)Renju won by NOR with 1 qeus lead
3)Armaan won by NOR with 3 ques  lead
4)Jaaydev won by NOR with 1 ques lead
5)Match tie by NOR
Group B
1)Akhil own by NOR with 5 ques lead
2)Gokul Sateesh won by NOR wih 1 ques lead
3)Rahul won by NOR with 3 ques lead
4)Match tie by NOR
5)Krishna won by NOR with 5 ques lead
Group C
1)Anant won by 1 ques lead(3-2)
2)Match tie by nOR
3)Martch tie yb NOR
4)Rithwik won by NOR with 5 ques lead
5)Match tie by NOR
Group D
1)Abhinav won by 1 ques lead(1-0)
2)Match tie by NOR
3)Match tie with both scoring 3 ques each
4)Trishanku won by 1 ques lead(2-1)
5)Raksihit won by NOR with 4 ques lead
1)It is a spoof to the Why so serious  poster of Joker from the latest Batman movies
2)Kookubura Sports
3)He is Piet Byleveld,who was hired by Albie Morkel to investigate his friend Louis Vorster murder


Anonymous said...

1.Similar to Why so serious on the poster of The dark knight
2. kookabura(the easiest qstn)
3. piet byleveld(he is a detective who will be investigating albie morkel's friend's murder)
4. Arthur wharton,,first professional black footballer(thanx for a football qstn)
5.DDLJ(no doubt ,,,the all time fav film)

Akhil R Nair

gokul sateesh said...





5-chalo dilli

Rahul TR said...

1. based on the batman dark knight poster (why so serious)
2. Kookabura
5. Dilwale dulhania le jayenge

renju kokkatt said...

2 kookaburra sports
5 slum dog?