Friday, April 13, 2012

Day 6-April 14nth (Set 3)

Match over
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Todays Matches

Group A
1)Manu Sathian vs Aivin Thomas
2)Abhilash Joseph vs Jayadev Pradeep
3)Armaan Akthar vs Renju Kokkat
Group B
1)Sri Krishna vs Shyam Harikumar
2)Akhil R Nair vs Gokul Suresh
3)Rahul T R vs Adithyan
Group C
1)Mohan Nandakumar vs Hrishikesh Suresh
2)Kevin Shaji vs Rithwik K
3)Rijil vs Sunil Kumar
Group D
1)Rakshit Sood vs Arun S
2)Allen Jose vs Trishanku Bhuyan
3)Pranav V C vs Harjaap Singh
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Group A
1)Aivin on by NOR with 2 ques lead
2)Jayadev won by NOR with 0 ques lead
3)Match tie with both teams getting 1 correct
Group B
1)Sri Krishna won by NOR with 2 ques lead
2)Akhil R Nair won by 2 ques lead
3)Match tie by NOR
Group C
1)Match tie by NOR
2)Kevin Shaji on by 1 ques lead
3)Match tie by NOR
Group D
1)Arun S won by 3 ques
2)Alen Jose won by NOR with 1 ques lead
3)Pranav won BY NOR with 3 ques lead

2)Pigfart school (A spoof of Hogwarts)
3)Enrica LExie(The ship that shot down two fisherman in the southern coast
4)Scrooge Mcduck a.k.a. Uncle Scrooge from Donald Duck
5)TSA locks that can be opened at securit centres using an universal key


Anonymous said...

1. dressing style of james dean in this film
3. Enrica Lexie
4.donald duck
5. Lock which is used to lock luggages usually in airport for easy scanning. It is of universal key type having special codes to open and relock. SO there is no need to cut keys with this logo and check the luggage

Akhil R Nair

Aivin Thomas said...

1.Teenage Angst

3.Enrica Lexie
4.Donald Duck
5.These locks can be opened Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents.

renju kokkatt said...

4 scrooge mcduck renju k kokkatt