Friday, April 6, 2012

MPL 3 Rules

#The matches will be held on the basis of the schedule given earlier.The match will be given as a googled doc presentation.
#Only the players of the particular match should attempt the quiz.Others can answer the questions of a match ones the match is over as comments.
#The scoring will be based on the league system.You will get 2 points for every match won and 1 point for ties.
#Quiz rate.Indicates the total margin of victory.This will be considered in case of tie.When you win a match your QR will be your victory margin.When you lose your QR will be the minus of half the margin of victory.When there is tie QR will be 0.
#Answers for a particular match should be send within 2 days from the match day.If only one team answers they will be automatically named winners of that match and will get 2 points.If no team answers it will end in a tie.(The no opposition rule)
#Please,Please,please don't refer any external reference especially google for the answers.Lets make this a fair and clean league.
#All answers should be
#The quiz masters decision will be final.
#More doubts on the rules can be cleared through the abow mail id.

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