Sunday, April 15, 2012

Day 8 -April 16nth (Set4)

Match Over
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Todays Matches

Group A
Jayadev Pradeep vs Gowrishankar
Aivin Thomas vs Armaan Akthar
Renju Kokkat vs Abhilash Joseph
Group B
Gokul Suresh vs Sid Art
Shyam Harikumar vs Rahul T R
Adithyan s Akhil R Nair
Group C
Rithwik K vs Anant M Nambiar
Hrishikesh Suresh vs Rijil
Sunil Kumar vs Kevin Shaji
Group D
Trishanku Bhuyan vs Abhinav S
Arun S vs Pranav V C
Harjaap Singh vs Allen Joseph

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(remember to attempt it even if u dont know the asnwer bcoz if ur oponent doesnt answer u will win by NR(see rules))

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Group A
1)Jayadev Pradeep wno by NOR with o ques lead(0-0)
2)Aivin won by 2 ques elead(4-2)
3)Match ite by NOR
Group B
1)Sid Art won by 2 ques lead(2-0)
2Rahul won by NOR with 2 ques lead(2-0)
3)Akhil won by NOR with 3 ques lead(3-0)
Group C
1)Rithiwk won by 2 ques(4-2)
2)Math tie by NOR
3)KEvin won by NOR with 3 ques lead(3-0)
Group D
1)Match tie by NOR
2)Match tie with both scoring 3 ques(3-3)
3)Alen Jose won by NOR with 2 ques lead(2-0)
2)That is the first photo on the World Wide Web(internet)It is the photo of the CERNs official band
3)Platform 7&1/2
4)Monica  Lewinsky.(She is associated with having an afariw tih Bill Clinton.)
5)Dennis Ketcham(Dennis The Menace)[Pts only for Dennis Ketcham]


Aditya Patil said...

2)post it notes?
3)7 1/2

Aivin Thomas said...

2.First photo uploaded on web
3.Platform 7 1/2
4.Lewinsky scandal

Anonymous said...

1. Crucifixion
2.Rock band founded by CERN employes and thier initials are LHC which later became large hadron collider, the particle accelerator.
3. Platform 7 1/2
4. MOnica Lewinsky (cannot forget her ever)

Akhil R Nair