Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Day 4-April 12nth (Set 2)

Sorry for making the quiz easy.Will try to make it harder from next set

Match Over
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Todays Matches
Group A
1)Aditya Patil vs Abhilash Joseph
2)Renju Kokkat vs Manu Sathian
3)Jayadev Pradeep vs Armaan Akthar
Group B
1)Vasudev Chakravarti vs Akhil R Nair
2)Adithyan vs Sri Krishna
3)Gokul Suresh vs Rahul T R
Group C
1)Arpit Mehta vs Kevin Shaji
2)Sunil Kumar vs Mohan Nandakumar
3)Rithwik K  vs Rijil
Group D
1)Allen Jose vs Shakthi Barath
2)Harjaap Singh vs Rakshit Sood
3)Trishanku Bhuyan vs Pranav V C
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Group A
 1)Aditya Patil won by NOR with 3 ques lead
 2) Renju Kokkat won by NOR with 3 ques lead
3)Armaan Akthar won by 1 ques lead
Group B
1)Akhil won by 1 ques lead
2)Sri Krishna won by NOR with 4 ques lead
3)Match tie with both scoring 3 ques
Group C
1)Kevin Shaji won by NOR with 5 ques lead
2)Match tie by NOR
3)Rithwik won by NOR with 5 ques lead
Group D
1)Alen won BY NOR with 4 ques lead
2Rakshit sood won by NOR with 5 ques lead
3)Pranav won by NOR with 5 ques lead
3)These were the lines from American Cousins after which Abraham Lincoln was shot dead.
4)No country for old men
5)Loch Ness Monster


Aditya Patil said...

Aditya Patil

3)from our american cousins(when lincoln died)
5)loch ness(" monster)

Anonymous said...

1.Narnia((my fav film))
3. Following this line Abraham Lincoln was shot by Wilkes Booth.
4. No country for old men
5. Loch ness monster(just guess from the name of the lake)

Akhil r nair

Vasudev said...

3.The line after which John wilkes booth shot Abe lincon
5.Loch Ness