Tuesday, May 1, 2012

MPL 3 Playoffs

Here are the questions for the playoffs.The following contestants have qualified and are only supposed to answer.Rest of you can attempt it as comments.Rules have been given in the previous post and by mail to the contestants.Answers should be sent in before 3rd April 10PM
The following 16 contestants have qualified for the playoffs
1)Abhijith B                                    9)Rithwik
2)Renju Kokkat                              10)Anant M Nambiar
3)Armaan Akthar                            11)Kevin Shaji
4)Aditya Patil                                   12)Arpit Mehta
5)Sri Krishna                                   13)Rakshit Sood
6)Akhil R Nair                                14)Arun S
7)Gokul Sateesh                              15)Pranav V C
8)Sid Art                                         16)Trishanku Bhuyan

Click here if you cant view the questions-https://docs.google.com/presentation/pub?id=1hwwLHaUDAYoFpjNQlUBcUlcwjfZaPaO4zvCPl9g0_no&start=false&loop=false&delayms=3000

In the last question you have to give me what film will it be for the world if mahal is for India(Those who have already answered can reattempt.)I couldnt change it in the presentation.... coz i am out of station

1)It was discovered at New York and LONdn at the same time(Look at the capital letters in the place anmes)
2)Harry Potters Wand
3)in the pic-> Bangabandhu Mujinbur Rahman and Peter the great .They are the father of nation of Bangaldesh and Russia respectievely.(SO answer is Mahatma Gandhi and Mohamad Ali Jinnah
4)The advertisement of Gibbs Toothpaste which is the worlds first TV commercial
5)Tsutomu Yamaguchi - survived both Hiroshima/Nagasaki bombings
6)Flags of all East India Companies
7)Harry Brearley , inventor of the Stainless steel.
8)Maria Coventry,she died due to excessive usage of cosmetics.
10)The original answer is Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde(First horror movie of the world.Mahal is that of India.)(The reincarnation of Peter Prud is als a possible answer.But since it is jut a doubt that it may have com like that and there are  many others like that, no points are awarded to it.)

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Aditya Patil said...

1)it was invented at NewYork and LONdon simultaneously)NY+LON
2)christian symbolism in harry potter,tord of the rings,narnia

Q3 which is named 2)dunno

4)first tv advertisement
5)dutch east india company