Friday, May 4, 2012

MPL 3 Semi Final 1(May 5)

Match over
Abhi vs Rithwik
Result-Match tied with both scoring 6.But by higher Quiz Rate(See scoreboard) from league matches and higher points in Playoffs, Rithwik qualifies into the finals
Answers below
1)Answers should be sent in to before 10 PM today(May 5)
2)No referring external scource especially google.
3)NOR applies
4)Winner will qualify to the finals

If you cant view the presentation go to-
Only the contestants need answer
1.Please do not attempt to light with a match! (just simply press the switch)
2.He is Olliver Cromwell.He is actually Yankee Doodle in the nursery rhyme of the same name.(Oliver Cromwell burried is also ryt)
3.Heinrich Dreser - person behind both the aspirin and heroin.
4.Huawei technologies co ltd.
5.Issac Newton's tomb at Westminster Abbey.
6.First American president to be born in an hospital( he is also theOnly President to have born on the first day of a month.(Oct 1))
7.Taj Mahal covered during the WWII to avoid the possible attacks against the monument.

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