Friday, May 4, 2012

Results of Playoffs

The playoffs are over and now its time for the semifinals.Before the list of qualifiers I would like to mention two names who missed the seat to semifinals just because of low NOR
  1. Rakshit Sood
  2. Arun S
Now for the much awaited list.The semifinalists of MPL 3-
  1. Abhijith B(abhi)
  2. Arpit Mehta
  3. Rithwik
  4. Akhil R Nair
Semi Finals Schedule
May 5th-Abhi vs Rithwik
May 6th-Arpit Mehta vs Akhil R Nair

Semi finals unlike other matches will be open only go oneday.You have to answer within that day itself or you will be subjected to NOR.More info will be given with the questions.

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