Saturday, May 5, 2012

Semi Final 2

Match over
Akhil R Nair vs Arpit Mehta
Result-Match tied with both scoring 6.But by higher Quiz Rate(See scoreboard) from league matches and higher points in Playoffs, Akhil R Nair qualifies into the finals
1)Answers should be sent in to before 10 PM today(May 5)
2)No referring external scource especially google.
3)NOR applies
4)Winner will qualify to the finals

If you cant view the presentation go to-
Only the contestants need answer
1)Destruction of Osama Bin Laden's house in abbotabad
2)They are all Polish born footballers playing for Germany
3)He is Sumant Moolgaonkar.The car is TATA Sumo
4)Rio Ferdinand,6 Seasons,Magic,Space(all are varaints of Angry Birds)
5)Cristephor Nolan
6)Daniel Craig dressed up as a woman
7)Penrose staricase.Film-Inception

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