Wednesday, November 14, 2012

YW mock prelims

Here is  mock YW prelims.Due to lack of time I am stopping with 10 questions.Send in your answers by any of the three methods shown above.Answers will be posted tomorrow.

1)Who or what won the first Millennium Technology prize.(Think about the usual trend of first questions in YW)
2)If Nicholas Copernicus were to create a website of his own what would be the extension?
3)How do we better know Arthur Stanley Jefferson?
4)If Harry Potter looked up his zodiac sign, what would it be?
5)What distinction does Linus Pauling old in respect to Nobel prizes.
6)What is Epistemophobia.(None of you should probably have this).
7)If it is Matt Murdock to Daredevil, who is Britt Reid to?
8)What does the EPL tems Stoke city,Bolton Wanderers,Hull City and Arsenal have in common
9)If it is Mahatma Gandhi to India,Mujibur Rehmaan to Bangladesh and Simon Bolivar to Bolivia and Columbia, who is it to Pakistan.
10)Which book starts thus- "Call me Ishmael."

1)Tim Berness Lee for the Internet
2).pl(For poland)
3)Stanley Laurel(From Laurel and Hardy)
5)Winning the Nobel Prize twice individually
6)Fear of Knowledge
7)Green Hornett
8)They have their home stadiums named aftr their sponsors
9)Muhammad Ali Jinhah
10)Mobby Dick

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